And what did I bring home?

While I know that some people, especially those not close enough to get to the festival, were interested in seeing what they missed, SOME readers just want to know what came home with me.


Three bottles of wine from the Montezuma Winery in Seneca Falls, NY (two of Diamond, one of Wetland White), 2 pounds of blue-faced leicester roving, and 7 fleeces. 6 are Icelandic and one is a Romney/Corriedale cross. The REAL prize was one of the Icelandic fleeces:


Did I NEED another fleece? Probably not, considering how much plain vanilla white wool I dropped off at Zeilinger’s. But, oh, the little undercoat thel locks with the corkscrew crimp tips! Somehow, EVERY spinner needs a fleece like this!


One Response to And what did I bring home?

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    *jealous x 1000*

    Like I need more fleece LOL! 🙂 Great score!! I am envious of the Icelandic though, I have an Icelandic cross but I’ve never spun the real thing.

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