Do Your Bit for the Ukraine

There are many artisans based in the Ukraine selling their work on both Ravelry and Etsy. As their work is digital, it can easily be downloaded. This way, there is no need to bother attempting to mail something out of a country at war! Here is a simple tutorial for how to use both Ravelry’s and Etsy’s search features to pinpoint the seller’s location.

For Ravelry (and if it looks different, yes, I use the filter for Classic Ravelry because the new look gives me a headache!), on the Search Patterns page, select Advanced Search, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the left-hand navigation that displays. Select “Designer country” and then from the modal that displays, select Ukraine from the list of countries. Like magic, the search page displays a listing of all designers based in the Ukraine. Pretty cool, huh?

For Etsy, you will enter “digital file” for your search term. This finds all sellers offering digital files. You could expand the search by adding “knitting pattern,” etc., if you really want to target the search. Then selected “All Filters” and scroll down to find the “Shop Location” radio buttons. Select “Custom” and type Ukraine in the form field. Select “Apply” and you are good to go!

Remember, these artisans are facing a particularly difficult time right now, one that we cannot fathom. They have no other way to sell their wares. This is possibly their only way to bring in some much-needed cash. Please do your bit and support our Ukrainian artisans!

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