Autumn Mitts

The leaves here turned abruptly and there finally is a little sting of cold in the air. I am taking precautions against the winter’s cold, as I usually wait too long and find myself without gloves, without scarf, without hat, whatever. And curse myself for not thinking ahead to make something. This winter at least my hands will be warm.

This is a little pair of angora mitts I knitted from one ball of angora:

01 mitts

The haze of the angora made it a little hard to get a clear shot. No pattern to share, I’m afraid, I just made these up and put a little cable along the plane of the index finger for interest. For indoor wear as wrist warmers or for driving:

02 mitts

And I finished my Northanger Abbey Mitts from the Fall 2012 issue of Jane Austen Knits:

03 mitts

I love the tweed, I love the green color. This is Berroco Blackstone Tweed, 2 balls for the mittens. I love that soaring gothic-arch motif up the back of the hand.

04 mitts

The other thing that is nice is the extra-long forearm. If I remember to put these on first, then a jacket over them, they will keep my arms warm as well as my hands.

05 mitts

See how the ribs of the forearms turn into the gothic arches? Simple designs can be really amazing when you see them worked up.

Now, I think I am going to need the lack of a scarf next ….


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