Little Wheel, Big Wheel

First, we start with the little wheel. I have had the little wheel for several years. She was tucked away in the basement workshop, largely forgotten as I pursued other interests and other wheels. But one day I renewed my interest in the little wheel.

First of all, the little wheel was once painted yellow. That is apparently from her many remaining yellow spots:

One of her uprights:

The base of the other upright:

And especially one back leg, which did not seem particularly yellow close up, but obviously was when viewed from a short distance away:

But the thing that really renewed my interest in the little wheel was not her former finish, it was acquiring a big wheel, a big wheel close enough in design to be her mother:

The bigger wheel is a double-treadle Canadian Production Wheel, believed to be by the maker, Ouellet.

The wheels share the same maidens. Some wheel mavens call these “Jetson” maidens, although personally I think they look like pagodas. The bigger wheel has one extra pagoda level:

The carvings on the mothers-of-all match. The tilt tensioning is almost identical. Her uprights are similarly carved:

The legs of the smaller wheel are a bit more fancy:

And their spokes:

The benches are similarly shaped, with a tapered front:

Because the smaller wheel has only a 25″ drive wheel, the debate rages as to whether or not she is considered a Canadian Production Wheel or not. She definitely is Canadian and was purchased in Quebec, she shares the same attributes as the larger wheel, and possible shares the same maker. At least, she shares the same patterns on her turnings.

The yellow ochre milk paint is on order and in the coming weeks, she will again return to her earlier glory. Her larger counterpart may get a new coat, as well!

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