Emsket Fleece

Several times in the past, I have raved about the quality of Shetland fleeces from Windswept Shetlands in Michigan. Not only do you get quality fleeces, you also get quality service.

A few weeks ago, I e-mailed Windswept shepherd Mike Ludlam and inquired into an emsket fleece. Mike said they had just sheared and he would keep his eye open as he sorted and skirted. Then about two weeks ago, he e-mailed saying he had two fleeces from the same new ram: the lamb’s fleece and the first adult shearing. He indicated that the color had changed slightly; the first adult shearing was more of the steely blue-gray, but the lamb’s fleece was a bit more dramatic in its coloration.

Of course, I had both shipped out. The first adult shearing is a beautiful fleece, but, because it is a bit more dramatic, here is the lamb’s fleece:

This is another candidate to be spun in the grease. Thanks, Mike!

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