Two Wheels are Better Than One!


This is a completely unexpected topic! A new wheel arrived today from Germany, and she has a feature I’ve never seen on the wheel. Not even on this one, because it was not obvious in her photographs.

She is a lovely little upright wheel with her distaff:

Her flyer is in good shape. No hooks, but one of those primitive precursors to a Woolee Winder — a piece of wire twisted into an eye hook that can be removed to the next hole:

The flyer has a clever, neatly mended patch on either side.

She is not a terribly fancy wheel, but does have a bit of carving on her tensioning knob:

She has seem some use, if her treadle is any indication. It is split clean in two and mended with a slat:


Her footman has a bit of carving and alot of axle grease. My word! Her crank is just dripping with grease:

Yes, her axle is just dripping in black grease on both ends. Oh, wait, she’s in backwards. Her crank is sticking out the front. But…wait, if her crank is stick out the front, what is her footman attached to:

Well, I’ll be doggoned … this one has a reversible double wheel:

If anyone out there is familiar with this set-up, please post a comment and let me know!


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