German Slanted Bench Wheel

There is a colloquial term for spinning wheels with slanted benches; they are called, not surprisingly, “slantys.” This is a very small slanty from Germany:

A little closer view, the other side:

This wheel is filled with all sorts of interesting points. First of all, it is a wedding wheel:

The drive band is a bit in the way, but the plaque reads: Helene Lemmer in Leidenhofen 1877.  Also, note the carving at the edge of the split bench. This is echoed around the edges of the tensioning area:

Note, too, that the tensioning knob is worn smooth from use. The flyer is in excellent condition:

The wheel is delicately and ornately carved; the carvings have lost much of their color over time, but you can still see the old paint:

Even the treadle is chip carved. An interesting point I have not seen before: the front legs go completely through the treadle bar and so it sits up slightly, about an inch of the front legs visible beneath it.

I found the drive wheel crank to be enchanting. I am used to working with the much larger Canadian Production Wheels. This crank is the same shape, but a fraction of the size:

The upper portion of the distaff is similar in carving, but appears to probably be either a replacement part or added from a different wheel:

But perhaps best of all, both the front and back of the bench are lined with tiny carved wooden bell shapes:

You can discern a bit more of her former paint job here; it looks like she had a line of arabesques and small flowers alongside her bench.

Other than the typical woodworm holes that most European wheels have, this slanty is in excellent condition. She is a lovely, sound wheel and I am looking forward to working with her.

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  1. this wheel is so beautiful and unusual. i’m glad you shared all her lovely details.

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