Arden Fair

Saturday, September 4 is the 103rd Arden Fair in Arden, Delaware. Arden is an interesting community, being founded as a sort of utopian artist’s society with a premise of a single-tax. This means you are taxed only for the value of your land, not the improvements thereon. For someone from New Jersey, where they suck you dry of every last cent of property tax, the single-tax concept is indeed utopian.

The Arden Fair is a once-a-year, end of summer get together with a good sized group of craftspeople, an antiques show, live entertainment and a Beer Garden the size of Woodstock. It is generally mobbed and I understand that if you come as a patron, you probably park a long distance off and come in by shuttle bus.

I typically arrive early in the AM, set up my tent and my wheel and start spinning.

Many of the handspun yarns featured throughout the year on this blog will be available. Also some handknitted items, but this is primarily a yarn venue. There will be spinning fiber this year.

Stop by and introduce yourself. Share your Ravelry name. Let me know who you are.

You can learn more about the Arden Fair at:

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