This knitting project is also a gift for a friend, but since she currently is in computer Hell, there is little chance of her logging on to see it before she is gifted with it. So, I will share with the world and she still probably will be surprised. This is the “Peaceful” kerchief from Cathy Carron’s “Hattitude” book.

If the yarn looks familiar, then you have been a faithful reader of this blog! Or just more attentive. This is the “Spring Irises” handspun from the Cormo roving that followed me home from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Show.

There is a nifty edging that reminded me of how you finish the edge of a piecrust. It is really a half cable of 6 over 6 stitches:

The pattern is very much like a triangular shawl on a small scale, and with long strings for tying:

The pattern called for the piecrust edging all around, but I was afraid this would be too heavy. Instead, I opted for a picot edging.

This was the first time I had done the picot edging and was pleased with the results. Of course, my first try I picked up too many stitches and so the border on one side is a bit fuller than the other. A learning experience for next time!

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