Fingerless Fingers

My knitting friends keep asking me why I don’t show more knitting projects, since I am always knitting when they see me. This is because I generally am in a place that I cannot take my wheel along for spinning. Also, if I am knitting, I am generally knitting things intended to be presents for friends.

In the off moments I get from knitting and spinning, I am reading the short stories of Damon Runyon. For those who may not know, Damon Runyon is the newspaperman-become-short-story-writer whose works became the basis for the Broadway musical, “Guys and Dolls.” Reading Runyon makes one begin to think and even talk in the lingo of the “citizens” of the Broadway of the 30s and 40s. This is not a detriment, unless one minds sounding like Sheldon Leonard.

In honor of Runyon and his very specific style, I offer the following post of a recent knitting project, as Runyon may have explained:

“These  gloves for which there are no fingers have been knitted most particular for a special individual. Yet this individual has a doll who, being an academic sort of doll, gets onto things very quickly and may spill the beans to the individual for whom they are intended, should she get wind of said gloves. Therefore, should this doll happen to read this post, it would go most agreeable should she see fit to not mention to said individual that these gloves have so been knitted. ”

Yarn is a single strand of Finn Sheep wool, spun from a spotted Finn sheep fleece acquired at the old Salem County, New Jersey, Sheep and Wool Show. The pattern was found on the internet but was modified tremendously, the original being sized more for a paw rather than a hand (sorry, but it had the gusset starting at the row just above the ribbing, among other idiosyncrasies). My husband was so happy with the results, and because he acted as fit model, suggested that he should also have a pair.

I think every male I know will get a pair this fall.

But, should you be that academic sort of doll who can read this and know in a flash bigger than Diamond Jim’s stickpin what the meaning is, please keep it under your academic hat!

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