Wisteria Arbor Shawl Redux

I never did a lot of lace knitting, but I’m liking this Wisteria Arbor Shawl pattern more and more! It is easy to memorize and works up pretty quickly. This is one I recently knitted as a retirement gift. It is worked in my own handspun, a blend I had made up of Shetland wool, silk, and angora bunny.

shawl 02

You start at the bottom most point and work the first level. Then you cast on for the beginning and end of each subsequent level.

05 shawl

I used a picot cast-off which is not in the pattern but I like the nobbly finish it gave the upper edge but you don’t really see it in the photos. What you do get is the effect of color behind the knitting!

01 shawl

I wish that the texture of the yarn showed up better in the photos, too. I was very happy with the way the yarn turned out. Knitted up, it had that slight halo of angora. And you can see the picot cast off a bit in this photo:

04 shawl

For all the lacework, the shawl is warm! Remember that silk is 40% warmer than wool, so combining wool, silk, and bunny fur makes for a very warm piece to wrap up in.

03 shawl

At some point I may get bored with this pattern or decide to pursue something more complex, but for the moment I am still experimenting to see how it looks in different yarns and fibers.

06 shawl

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