March Garden Update


I am a bit behind on my posts. In preparing to do an April garden update, I realized I missed March!

March came in like a lamb that hung around for about a day, then immediately turned lion-like. We had several strange snow events, where it snowed for 12 and 15 hours but accumulated next to nothing. As it snowed, the daffodils began to appear.

march 001

march 002

The witch hazels kept on blooming, right through until almost the end of March. We had almost two full months of blooms from this!

march 003

And the daffodils began to appear in force:

march 004

Sometimes they were mixed in with the crocus:

march 005

In some places, there were more crocus than daffodils:

march 006

The hellabore by the front step began to open up:

march 007

By the end of the month, more daffodils, a foreshadowing of what was coming:

march 008

We varied all that yellow with some pansies:

march 009

And hiding in the back near the new raised rock wall was this demure clump of crocus:

march 010

By the beginning of April, the bulbs had completely taken over the gardens! We had a bumper crop this year, but that will wait until April’s garden update!


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