By the Sea

Thanksgiving Day was lovely here; lots of blue skies after days of rain and unseasonably warm temperatures. A perfect day to visit the beach and do some knitting project photography!

This is the Fishbone Lace cowl from Sheryl Thies’s book, Ocean Breezes.


Knitted from a skein of my corriedale handspun in a colorway called, appropriately, Briny Blue Sea. There was only around 190 yards in the skein and I had been looking for a smallish project to use it in. This was perfect. It is an easy lace project, knit on size 8 needles. As long as you can work a yarn-over and pass a slipped stitch over, you can make this cowl.

The problem was in photographing it. It is very difficult to properly photograph a small, flat object. After draping it over the dune grass, we tried it on driftwood: 



We draped it over the jetty rocks:

I thought the seafoamed performed particularly well in this photo!

We draped it over a different piece of driftwood:

Finally, we draped it over me:

This gives you a little of the effect of the inside stitches against the outside, as it is folded over like a loose turtleneck.

Finally, when we were wrapping up, I couldn’t resist get a shot with the foam of the waves. Of course, I had to wash the doggoned thing all over to get the sand off it, but loved the way the shot turned out!

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