Are You A Fellow Raveler?


The Wool Merchant’s Daughter also has a Ravelry forum! If you are on Ravelry, please join our forum.

My Ravelry handle is “JerseyLightning” and I typically am hanging out on the Antique Spinning Wheel forum. I started a forum for The Wool Merchant’s Daughter in order to house any spinning wheel videos and pictures of individual wheels. And, of course, if anyone wants to start a discussion there, we’d love to have you!

One Response to Are You A Fellow Raveler?

  1. Linda Martin says:

    Just discovered your blog. Love it …. enjoyed the old time technology photos and drooled over the Irish Castle Wheels … watched a couple of videos. All-in-all, the visit was great fun. I’m on Ravelry Antique Wheels so will watch for you.

    Tropical Twister

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