Whitehorse Mountain Woodworks Green Spring Spinner

Everyday for about the past week or so, my blog gets tons of hits from a Google search on the Whitehorse Mountain Woodworks spinner. Please, don’t be shy!  Who is it that is looking for information? Fill out a comment and let me know if I can help you find the information you obviously are so actively seeking!


5 Responses to Whitehorse Mountain Woodworks Green Spring Spinner

  1. Charlotte says:

    I am very new to spinning and looking for a spinning wheel. I would like an upright wheel – limited space & tight budget. I would like one that I can use for years not just a starter. What would you suggest? Also do you know anything about the babes wheels or the heavenly spinning wheels. I live in the desert so I was think maybe the pvc would be better as the wood would dry out – I understand you have to keep them oiled, but I know its still hard on wood. I would love any help you can give me.
    I was looking on craigslist at a spinning wheel they had a white horse mountain wheel. Googled that and found you 🙂

  2. Hi, Charlotte! Hope you don’t mind — I did a whole post on your answer! It occurred to me it might help others. After you read it, let me know what else I can help you with. The Heavenly Handspinning Bellus is probably the best bet for a new wheel, especially with a double treadle. The Ashford Kiwi is also fairly inexpensive. For oiling, you want to use boiled linseed oil. The rule of thumb is: once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year, and once a year after that. I forgot to put this in the poset!

  3. Jo Anne Stone says:

    It is probably me searching your website and photos of the White horse mountain wheel. I just found one and am trying to learn how to spin on it. I have spun in a beginning way on a louette and I get everything to work on this little wheel but can’t figure out the tensioning. I have this odd shaped piece that fits in the odd shaped hole under the flyer support and have no idea if it is just a handle or part of some weird tension thing that is beyond my ability to comprehend. I have tried different tension on the cords. I love the idea of spinning on this little knowing the story about it. Help. What am I missing? By the way, it is rackety but in a good way. It is the short spool single treadle one. Any information would be great.


  4. Joanne, hi! The odd-shaped piece — is it an L shape? Does it have a round piece on the end of it? If not, that would be your problem. The tensioning device is an L shaped piece of wood, held onto the wheel with a wing nut. At the end of the L under the drive band, there should be a thick, round disk. When you raise or lower the arm, the disk becomes the whorl for the drive band. I’ll see if I have a photo or, if not, can take one and post it so you can see.

  5. petra says:

    Hi, I’ve just brought one of these little guys home to experiment with. It looks like someone put an ashford bobbin on it and it’s set up as a double drive: the drive band goes around the flyer and the bobbin, both meet at the drive wheel and that tension disk. Is it supposed to be a double drive? with thanks, Petra

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