… And Even More Wheels!


We had wheels from Norway:

From Sweden:



And India:

The box charka even had a Gandhi label inside:

This was particularly appropriate, since the exhibit title came from a quote by Gandhi: “For every revolution of the wheel spins peace, good-will and love.”

We had a modern-day wheel with fanciful woodwork:

And a very old wheel with fanciful woodwork:

But all things must end, and as the sun started below the tree line, we began to pack up our tents and steal away into the evening:

No event like this can be without the support of others, I would like to thank my “crew,” Jenn and Jess, Pati and Taryn, Pati’s husband Will, who went out for subs, and my husband, John, who patiently went through months of wheel cleaning and preparation, who rented and loaded (and unloaded) the van, supervised tent set up, and otherwise made himself useful in a dozen ways. I would also like to the the Monmouth County Historical Association for letting us host the event at the Holmes-Hendrickson House and to their education coordinator, Glen May.

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