Cats and Socks

Grey Cat went for bloodwork yesterday. His CBC is good, but his kidney values were still elevated so not sure if they can continue chemo. The tumor in his mouth does not seem to be getting any larger at the moment and he is able to eat okay. He has been very companionable to all, and is spending time today with Hal, his long-term little cow-colored buddy and the second oldest cat in the tribe:

You can see in the photo that Grey Cat’s cheek is a little brown; this is where he had the two radiation treatments. They are happy old boys right now, washing each others faces and enjoying the moment.

I have been able to get some knitting done at the vet’s office. Here is the progress on the Rivendell socks, designed by Janel Laidman and started in a previous post:

The color is coming out exactly as hoped. I deliberately started with the part that was all greens and light browns mixed, and aimed toward having the pinks begin lower down. In a woodland, you would have the greens and browns of the higher foliage with the pinks and red lower down in the understory growth.

Here is a closer shot of the design element:

If the design looks vaguely familiar, then you saw “Lord of the Rings.” The twist pattern mimics Arwen’s Evenstar pendant design:

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