Please stand by …

Sorry for no recentposts. My almost 20-year-old part Russian Blue cat has been getting ready to check out, and has needed almost constant care. He keeps bouncing back, so we have had him with us longer than anticipated.

Thi s cat had a vaccine-induced fibrosarcoma removed last August, and at that time, the vets did not think he would make it. He recovered wonderfully well, and made it through to February, when we found a lump in his jaw. We thought it was the fibrosarcoma returned, but it turned out to be an oral squamous cell carcinoma.

He was not a candidate for surgery, but they did remove several bad teeth and he had his first radiation treatment. He weathered this well, as he did the second radiation, but then had a reaction to the anesthesia and crashed. He required hand-feeding about every 3 to 4 hours for a week and a half before he came around and looked like he was going to make it.

Because they could no longer do anesthesia, they could not finish the course of radiation. He started chemo a week ago, responded well, and then last Saturday morning at 4:30 AM, we wound up in Red Bank Veterinary Hospital with our Grey boy almost in renal failure. After 3 days on IVs to flush his system, he has bounced back again and is home, eating, and getting various meds and herbal treatments (milk thistle for his liver, another tincture for kidneys).

All this, and trying to get to work every day and some other boring professional things. I picked up knitting needles one day and said, “what are these wonderous items?”

Poor Grey Cat. He is, at the moment, doing well, eating, marching around like he owns the place, and being the same old Grey Cat I have known for 17 years. I will try to post over the weekend, but this is where I have been the past couple of weeks.

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