Spring 2010 Spin-Off

What fun!  I’m in the Spring 2010 issue of Spin-Off!

I entered a skein in their hand-dyed, hand-painted contest. Waited and waited to hear, then gave up and figured I was an also-ran. The new issue was posted online and I wanted to see who the winners were.

Downloaded the PDF of the article and flipped through it. Page one, nothing; page two, nada; page three, zip; page four — whoops! look at that!

Unfortunately, the photo was only of one strand and, of course, featured a lovely overspun spot. It did not give the slightest hint of the real color so, for all of you out there wondering, here is the full skein:

Slightly different than what made it into the magazine!

By the way, this was dyed using Wilton’s Icing Colors from the local A.C. Moore’s craft store.

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