Welcome, Little Peggy

I have been remiss in posting blog entries, due to an ongoing veterinary emergency. However, just before I knew there was an emergency, I bought a new wheel (I should say another wheel).

This is the Rappard “Little Peggy” wheel, all the way from New Zealand:

Here is the flyer, already in use you can see:

I always wanted one of these wheels, and I must say I am not disappointed!  The wheel is heavy and balanced nicely, it is easy to treadle, and spins like a demon. It is rapidly becoming a favorite wheel.

2 Responses to Welcome, Little Peggy

  1. Mary Brindley says:

    I just recently purchased a Rappard Little Peggie and I am a novice spinner. However, when the Little Peggie arrieved, it did not have the brake spring. Do you know where I can purchase one?
    Thanks, Mary Brindley

  2. Apologies for the delayed response but we have been in computer hell here! The brake spring can be ordered from The Woolery in Frankfort, Kentucky; it is the same one that is used on the Ashfords. Just go to the Woolery’s page on Ashford accessories (it is pretty long!) and scroll through it for the spring. They usually ship within a day or so. You could also go to your local hardware store and see if they have any small springs; I was lucky this way and picked up some spares.

    I love the Little Peggie wheel and hope that you have yours up and spinning. Let me know if you have any other questions on it!


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