The Finished Hat

I am notorious for not finishing projects. Hence, this blog has proven a boon in at least one respect. I am encourage, nay, shamed, into finishing projects as quickly as I start them, lest my readers discover what a true procrastinator I am.

This morning, the Musconetcong Mountain Hat was dry, so I steamed the earflaps flat and cut a lining material. How the hat is finished is purely up to the individual. In this case, I wanted to line the earflaps and put in a band that covers from the tops of the earflaps across the forehead.

I used a paisley with browns and purples. This is an old R.J.R. Textiles print called “Oxford,” long out of print. But I salted away as many yards as I could find and have used it over the years for linings and trim.

It is a great neutral, despite the colors and busy pattern. It just goes with everything. I cut a bias strip and two pieces slightly larger than the earflaps and sewed them in by hand.


I made a button loop out of the original yarn.

I found a funky button in my tin of vintage buttons. It is bakelite plastic, made to look like an antler button. As it had a bit of purple tinge, it looked great against the purple and orange surface of the hat. Add on the button, and voila!

Unbuttoned, Kat in the hat!



Now, gee whiz, if I can make these darned things, you’d think I would’ve had one during all the recent snow events! Guess I will have to make another one for me; this one is promised.

The pattern is The Musconetcong Mountain Hat pattern

If anyone makes one, please send me photos! I’d love to see how others personalize this basic pattern!

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