Have you knitted an Inspira Cowl yet? This pattern, available free on Ravelry, is positively addictive. It is an easy knit and a good way to ease yourself into colorwork. And it provides endless variety, given the endless variety of yarn out there!

Malabrigo worsted, Plymouth Tangiers cotton, and Lion Brand Amazing:


Three yarns, two of them self-striping, on circular needles.


There is a certain fascination in watching the pattern build and grow. And if you make a mistake, it is of little consequence, because it easily conceals itself! I liked mine so much, I made this for a friend:


I do like to make one solid base color with the other colors mingled in. And for practicing your colorwork technique, it is an excellent pattern to teach you how to carry your yarn and balance your tension. If the inside is as good as the outside, you’ve got the hang of it!


You will keep making these, over and over, stashing busting or trying out new yarns. Just make sure to take photos, as several of these have now gone out into the world and I forgot to record them! But this pattern gets a big thumbs up from The Wool Merchant’s Daughter!


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