Forever Autumn

We had an ice storm here last night. We don’t often get them, and while they make for a beautiful, shiny landscape, they are dangerous things. This winter has been filled with cold, snow, and wind. Autumn seems like a long, long time ago and who knows when spring will get here. But I have a reminder of autumn, when the days were still warm and the leaves filled the world with color.

sock 02

The pattern is “Forever Autumn” by Welsh designer, Sally Pointer, under her “Wicked Woollens” label.

sock 04

I varied the heel slightly. I have a very narrow heel, so instead of the eye-of-partridge stitch that the pattern called for, used a simple 1×1 rib for the heel. This gives me a tighter fit. I also added an extra level of the leaf pattern.

And although it is a bit hard to discern because of the difficult in photographing white, that is an autumn-blooming azalea sheltering the fairy door below.

sock 01

The yarn is Three Irish Girls Adorn in the “Lucky Penny” colorway, a lovely coppery color that looks like autumn leaves.

sock 03

Given the winter we are having, if I can’t have spring, I would have settled for autumn lasting longer!

socks 1

You get a much better idea of the design with the socks on.

socks 2

I added the extra leaf at the front ankle.

socks 3

And continued the cable down the foot.

socks 4

I love the oak leaf motif!

socks 5

And these took exactly one skein, with the extra rounds of the design. A very happy marriage of a pattern and the right yarn!


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