Team Scarves. If your team is from the 18th Century ….

So. I needed a couple of raffle items for my reenactment unit. The unit is a little unusual in that they do two regiments: the 2nd Pennsylvania colonial regiment and the 43rd of Foot British regiment. I had knitted Monmouth caps and Machault caps, but wanted to do something … modern.

I took the logo of the 2nd PA and took the standard King’s Broad Arrow British design and ran them through a chart software. The results were pretty amazing.

scarves 2

I had to go in and duplicate stitch some of the detail on the 2nd PA logo, but other than that, they both worked up really well.

scarves 3

I knitted them flat using KnitPicks Palette Yarn. Once I knitted above the stranded colorwork logo, I joined and knitted in the round for what seems to be miles. Three skeins of the main color. And I learned something that would have helped with the Rhinebeck sweater — when you knit a tube, and wet finish, it will grow longer. Now I know how I misjudged the sleeve length! These grew to exactly the right length.

scarves 4

A little thornier was the logo for the Royal Artillery. This took some thought but was well-received by a deserving artillerist!

artilerry scarf

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