Lancaster Yarns & Wools and Labadie Looms


The Lancaster Valley in Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful places I know, and for the benefit of readers in various parts of the world, here are some of the local vistas:

019 lancaster

Gently rolling green fields, cows grazing, tidy farms, and open sky:

017 lancaster

Now, you may live in a place with similar sites, but in my home state of New Jersey, believe me, this sort of thing is getting rarer every day! You need to come to Pennsylvania to see REAL wide-open spaces.

We were in Lancaster County for the annual carriage auction, but took a couple of hours to poke through antique stores. While searching down a previously uninvestigated road, I suddenly saw:

wool 01

How did I miss this on previous trips???

The space is not huge, but the shopkeep has made the most of it. The main room is filled with warped looms and there are two rooms off each side of this. Beautiful rovings on one side off the main room:

wool 04

And a small but tasty selection of yarns to the other end:

wool 02

These were some locally spun yarns:

wool 03

I didn’t buy anything at the carriage auction, but made up for it in the knitting store with some roving and 3 skeins of sock yarn. And now I know for my next trip out to Lancaster where I need to stop! Sunny skies for the ride home.

020 lancaster



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  1. fotyc says:

    Aaaaand… Labadie is a French Canadian name…..

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