May Garden Update

What better way to start autumn than by looking back at May? May turned out to be such a riotous month of garden blooms that photos won’t all fit in one post. Well, they would fit, but it would be a really long scroll. So, first, an update on the basics.

There were Siberian iris along the front walkway:

may 026

There were still bulbs blooming in the back garden, where it had been relatively shady. The flowering pink almond bloomed into mid-month and the variegated hostas started up:

may 001

In the new area framing the fire-pit, the crab-apple blooms turned from pink to white (more about the rhody under it in a separate post):

may 002

I love the crab-apple. I had seen it blooming at the garden center the year before, but was not ready for a tree until the fall. Fortunately, it was still there AND half-off by the time I got to it. The guy that does my gardening took one look at it when it was delivered, and calmly stated, “That root ball has to be 400 pounds.” Still, he managed to drop it on a dime, right where I wanted it and it performed exceptionally well:

may 007

Further in the back yard, we had the less showy, but none-the-less lovely spring blooming redbud:

may 006

In the new shade garden, we had bleeding hearts:

may 020

And as the month wore on, the white lilacs bloomed in such profusion, you could smell them all the way to the front sidewalk. The bees loved them:

may 023

I finally got one to light long enough to get his picture:

may 024

White lilacs, perennials, blooming trees, they couldn’t hold a candle to the real stars of May. Coming up next: RHODODENDRONS!



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