Irish Quartet


It’s hot, I’m tired, I’ve been fighting the local battles against rezoning to build huge commercial development in our postage stamp sized town. I had my check-up for Lyme’s today and was told I was progressing well, but will still be on antibiotics another month. I was supposed to start jury duty yesterday but called the automated line and found out my group was only on call and not needed tomorrow. I’m kind of crapped out but feel like I should make a post.

We recently rearranged the living room to do some work (actually, we rearrange it about once a week doing work of one kind or another). The work presented an opportunity to bring together four of the five Irish Castle wheels in the collection:

irish castle wheels

From left to right: the Ken Lennox Winsome Timbers Fiona, the newly-acquired at auction Pennsylvania wheel, my birthday wheel from the Lambertville Flea Market, and my original Irish Castle acquired from collector Bill Leinbach. Missing is the wheel rescued from Sinking Springs, PA and currently with Fred Hatton for a new flyer.

What intrigues me about these wheels is that no two are alike, even with size. The antique wheels, that is. That Lennox wheel is in a category by itself as far as size!




One Response to Irish Quartet

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    One of those would definitely make my husband happier than three saxonies, one of whom is a CPW, in the family room!

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