Wisterial Arbor Shawl


I am, admittedly, somewhat an indifferent knitter. I don’t do swatches. I go through spurts of what interests me. I admired lace knitting but never thought I would try it. Needles too small, too fiddly. Learning disability, can’t read charts and a narrative pattern was too complicated to follow.

Then I knit the little Forester cap discussed in an earlier post. It was an easy chart to follow and I was pleased with the results, so I was emboldened to embark on something a step up. After sorting through patterns that made my head whirl with their apparent complexity, I found the Wisteria Arbor Shawl in the “Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders” book. The fact that it used U.S. #9 needles was a huge plus!

I had a skein of my own hand-dyed, handspun Romney set aside, waiting for the perfect pattern to come along and so launched into the world of lace knitting on a grander scale than the Forester cap. I must say that I am most happy with the results, given the occasional dropped stitch or other error:


This is an easy enough pattern, based on the Foaming Waves lace stitch. Four rows of knit stitch, then 8 more total — 4 of the pattern and 4 purl rows. Every 13th and 14th row, you cast on another 13 stitches and keep growing every level.


It came out a bit longer than taller and, as I’m short, makes the ends a bit flappy. I plan to make this pattern again and might add a couple of rows to each level to make it a bit longer. Or get to a certain length and just go up from there and not add the additional length.


In any event, I was pleased with the results, given my lack of experience with lace. I was pleased with the way the striping of the yarn turned out, as well!









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