Snowy Day Projects


We had snow. LOTS of it. Not as much as the folks in Connecticut or Massachusetts, but far more than we typically get here in the winter. See the bird feeder with its snowy cap on?:

snow garden

I had made a promise that if I was snowed in this winter, I would start restoring the assorted walking wheel parts I had won at auction over the summer. Here are the Miner’s Heads all ready for their bath:

miners heads 1

And here are the MOAs:

miners heads 2

It was alot. I didn’t get QUITE as far as I wanted, but did get all those miner’s heads through a bath of Murphy’s Oil Soap.

I had my own great wheel in for some judicious cleaning and oiling for an upcoming event. She needed new bearings and, since I had a whole bucket of corn husks soaked, I spent some time making extra pairs of bearings for my renovations, too:

miners head restoration

I also cleaned up and oiled the miner’s head and MOA for MY wheel. Note the walnut oil. This is fabulous for oiling wheels to which you do not want to add any color. Walnut oil is a clear oil and has the added property of swelling shut hairline cracks. I am happy with the final results:

miners head

Tom-Tom is happy with them, too:

tom tom

AND I got time to spin a little:

blizzard spinning

This was some nice Blue-Faced Leicester I’d gotten at Rhinebeck. It ranges from a deep purple, almost black, to a bronzy-brown like the color of a brown fig. I love it and it spins like silk.

All told, it was a productive weekend!


2 Responses to Snowy Day Projects

  1. Eileen J. Crawford says:

    Thanks for showing this assembly of parts laid out. It gives me confidence to take my MOA apart and become aware of all surfaces involved in creating my yarn.

  2. They come apart very easily! If they are dirty, they may need to be coaxed a little bit. Don’t force anything that doesn’t want to move. Rock it back and forth and typically it will turn a little further and a little further with every rocking motion. The maidens unscrew from the MOA. The neck should just pull out. I always work over a folded towel just in case anything pops off suddenly; the towel cushions the fall against breakage. The little tips of the maidens are the bearings and are plugged in; they should both pull out and the miner’s head has an axle with an end in each bearing. It can be a bit nerve-wracking the first view times to you work with these things, but you will gain confidence the more you handle them!

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