Spare Parts!


I couldn’t be happier. I found someone local who can lathe me some missing spinning wheel parts. I took him a boxful to copy and looky what I got in return!

Lots of good stuff in here, like the replacement maiden for the DesJardins wheel that has been on my workbench this past year:

A handful of extra axle retaining pins:

The dark one just above the original is black walnut.

There is a CPW decorative tensioning knob to replace one that suffered from “dog chew” and a replacement back support:

And, best of all, spokes. CPW spokes. Lots and lots of 3-bead CPW spokes:

Seems like 9 out of 10 of these rascally CPWs I rescue have either a cracked or missing spoke.

Everything came workshop fresh with their little lathe mounts intact, ready to be clipped and fitted. The strangest things make a girl happy!

If you, too, are looking for replacement parts, check out New Jersey-based wood turner, Lee Alexander, who can be contact through his Web site: Dreamweaver Designs.




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