Oh, That Mitzi!

Having been a long-time fan of Rappard’s Little Peggy spinning wheel, when the chance to acquire a Rappard Mitzi came along, I jumped at it. She arrived safely via FedEx and was assembled on my front steps, much to the amusement of the neighbors who are now used to the parade of spinning wheels in and out.

Mitzi is a reproduction Norwegian straight bench wheel:

Her flyer is identical to the Little Peggy, and her maidens are the same as the Little Peggy’s front maiden:

Here she is, reunited with a long-lost little sister, Little Peggy:

And, can Mitzi spin!

She has the same nicely-balanced wheels as the Little Peggy; not quite as heavy, but a lovely smooth motion. I was able to draw out very fine singles. This is some generic wool roving purchased at Woolbearers in Mount Holly, NJ. It proved to be very nice fiber and resulted in two bobbins full, which were then plied on the Little Peggy.

The resulting skeins were refreshingly colorful on a warm sunny spring morning.

And, I had an audience in this nice sunny weather with the windows open for the first time:

3 Responses to Oh, That Mitzi!

  1. spindalinda says:

    love your entourage! (enjoyed reading your blog as well)

  2. Margaret Livingstone says:

    love your blog on the Mitzi wheel. Have been searching for one here in Australia & New Zealand for the past few months; to no avail! I used one back in the 1990’s and agree with you – what a fine spinning wheel it is.

  3. Patricia Williams says:

    I used to own one and know who has it now but feel it would cost a lot to send to Australia even if the person wanted to sell it. I have a rappard spinning chair.

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