CPW Round Up


On July 4th, what better way to celebrate than with a parade of Canadian Production Wheels?



The smaller wheels:


The larger ones:




The ladies’ social circle:



And let’s see that from above:

If you haven’t seen enough, visit the walk-through of wheels on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHituSLkrFw

Apologies for any bad camera work and also for the plane flying overhead during the shot! These are banner-towing planes that fly low over the beach. I’m so used to them, I didn’t even realize one flew over while I was shooting until I heard it on the recording afterwards. The things you get used to!



One Response to CPW Round Up

  1. Audyt says:

    I think you are awesome. I am helpless around spinning wheels and will spin until the cows come home. I stumbled upon this blog because I have recently acquired 2 that I know nothing about. I am so glad you have shared all of this, Thank You!

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