Another Day at the Spinning Wheel Spa


My newly-renovated porch and its 11 feet of counter space is certainly getting a workout today:

Lots of small parts in there, too, that don’t show up well in a long shot:

Everyone is getting a goodly coat of boiled linseed oil, including the newly-discovered Borduas wheel:

The mark really only shows from a very specific light angle and better when it is wet. I’m hoping the coat of oil will keep it visible.

The bench also has some damage that needs to be clamped:

I’m trying to get all the parts done before I start on the drive wheel. It has the same gloppy brown finish that the rest of the wheel had. What fun (not!) to get to clean all the spokes …

But I did find time for some spinning in all this!

Can this girl fill a bobbin, or what?

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