Irish Castle Wheel

For those who don’t know this, on July 30 I will be exhibiting many of my antique and not-so-antique spinning wheels for the Monmouth County Historical Association in Holmdel, NJ. This means I have to now inventory and clean everyone, which was overdue any way. This is one of the major pieces that will be coming that day:

The flyer on this has made me a little nervous to work with it much. There isn’t much holding it up:

The other thing I was not used to when I got this was the footman, or lack there of. It is butcher’s twine.

Yes, it is dusty. That is why I am cleaning and oiling everyone. If anyone would like to volunteer to be my wheel-oiler-upper, feel free to step up. No money, long hours, must like cats, and the fiber you can digest!

8 Responses to Irish Castle Wheel

  1. Casey says:

    I would totally be your wheel oiler-upper if I was not buried under a mound of finals. That is all.

  2. Tom says:

    Just browsing for Irish Castle Spinning wheels and came across your site – fantastic. I am researching Irish spinning wheels as I am making one for a woodturning competition next Sept. Wouild be interested in some closeup photos if you have any.

  3. Tom, thanks for the compliments! I’m currently taking woodturning lessons from Lee Alexander here in New Jersey, so you have my attention. What in particular would you like to see photos of on the castle wheel? Also, make sure to find the post from September 2011, “Castle Wheel or Oil Derrick?” if you have not already done so. The Lennox Fiona wheel is a modern interpretation of the Irish Castle wheel; it was the wheel of my dreams until I actually got it home and realized how ginormously huge it really is. Really, the traditional castle wheel would have been sufficient! I do like the way the flyer is mounted on the Lennox however, it is far more stable than on the traditional wheel. Again, please let me know what wheel closeups you require and I’ll be happy to post them.

  4. Tom says:

    Tahnks, and good luck with the woodturning- that is my interest. Unfortunately, I know nothing about spinning but the wheel is a very challenging item to make.(
    I would be interested in close-ups of the flier and flier assembly support,the front stretcher and wheel support, really any detail that would aid reproduction.
    If there is ever any help you need with the woodturning, just ask.

  5. Tom, there is a close-up of the flyer assembly, both on and off the wheel, on the post from July 25: It is much cleaner in this photo than the original one you found, as I was getting her ready for a display. I will also get you some shots of how the assembly is mounted on the Fiona for comparison and the other points of interest you mention. If you want to learn anything about spinning, just holler! A well-turned wheel is a lovely thing to look at; a well-turned FUNCTIONAL wheel will make the women adore you! 🙂

  6. Tom says:

    Those photos are ideal. I better start working on the turning and see if the results will be as you say!!

  7. Gail Woodcum says:

    I was just given a wheel that looks just like this one. It is missing the spinning assembly and has a couple of small damaged pieces, but it looks like everything else is here. I’ll know more after it’s cleaned and it’s all back together. I’m not familiar with the Irish castle wheel, so I was very excited when your site came up on my search. I identified it from my old copy (1981!) of The Care & Feeding of Spinning Wheels.

  8. Candy Taft says:

    I have a Lennox Fiona that is in beautiful shape. I love her, but hardly spin on her anymore because she is not portable. I have a question about signature. How many did Lennox make? Mine says ” Lennox 10-17-03-1. Does that mean the first made in 2003, or the first made?

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