Bedelia and Friends

Bedelia, the supposed Canadian Production Wheel, has been enjoying her vacation at the Jersey Shore. Next week, she will be traveling to her new home in North Carolina. Here she is visiting in the front garden with some of her bigger girlfriends, Josephine and Daphne:

Top right is Daphne, the double-treadle CPW marked JO and painted yellow. Center is Josephine, the CPW I had before I even knew what a CPW was. Bedelia is in the foreground.

Here they are from the front.

And here is Bedelia, freshed buffed and fluffed and ready for her journey:

She is a smooth spinner. Her legs and uprights needed a considerable bit of shimming with leather, but are now straight and strong. Her maidens need new leathers and are a bit wobbly, but that will be dealt with. I was pleased to get her wheel lined up this straig

She cleaned up nicely and spins a fine thread:

Overall, she is a solid spinner and there is still lots of life in the old girl yet!

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