They’re Done!

The Rainy Day Fingerless Gloves, as cited in an earlier post, here in their finished state:

I left the rain out, however. The sky part had little half-stitches duplicate-stitched in; they were supposed to be cobalt blue. I decided I’d rather have Sunny Day Fingerless Gloves. And the little apples are cute, I didn’t want to detract from them:

The Jamieson’s Spindrift Shetland fulled, bloomed, and softened beautifully. The gloves are a tiny bit tight, but I have small hands, so it is okay although I am making a second pair in a different yarn and added 5 stitches. It feels better with the additional stitches. The pattern was sized only for small, so some experimentation is necessary to size them better. However, I’m happy with the results and my hands are warm now while driving!

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