Gothic Wrist Warmers

These are some little wrist warmers from the book, Knitting New Mittens & Gloves, by Robin Melanson.

I found a skein of Plymouth’s Baby Alpaca Brush in this great eggplant color. I had purchased it several years ago, when our LYS was going out of business. What to do with one skein of alpaca?

The pattern is called “Gothic” and is supposed to represent a gothic spire. I did leave out some fancy stitch work on the back of the hand, just under the loop, where you were supposed to sew some sequins onto the fancy stitches. I really didn’t need sequins.

They really are wrist warmers, as they do not cover much of the hand. They are good for work, where I tend to get chilly working at the computer. The little loop really doesn’t get in the way or annoy. This was a simple pattern that I varied somewhat — I did the cuff part in K3, P1 rib, rather than stocking stitch. Then there is a row of K1, P1 twisted rib stitch that adds some definition. Then strait stitch that decreases into an I cord for the finger loop.

Could not be simplier and I think there is enough left on the skein for a second pair!

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