At last, a new post!

My poor neglected blog and my poor neglected readers!

I never anticipated being away this long. On Thanksgiving Day, my computer died. It was an older Dell but hadn’t given me much trouble except being slow. But Thanksgiving Day, it just up and refused to boot. I had wanted a new computer anyway, as I was anticipating working more with videos. However, since I had not yet made a decision on what to get as a permanent system — a PC or a MAC — I had to come up with the interim solution.

The interim solution is an Asus Eee PC Netbook with a wide screen monitor cabled into it and, doggone, the thing works just great!  I did get a Macbook over Christmas but am having trouble with loading the videos from the camera to the MAC. Not so with the Netbook; I have been able to load videos from the camera, process them, and upload to YouTube. Sort of wondering why I even bothered with the Mac!

In any event, and with a seemingly endless array of USB cables dangling from my computer desk, I am back online. Taking a break from video editing, I have been aiming to make a post. Until I can get my photos better sorted out, this will be a weak effort.

Christmas was spent in a wild orgy of knitting and spinning. In fact, there were so many knitting projects on the table (and in other places), many of my friends found themselves celebrating Little Christmas on January 6 this year. One or two are still pending. More to come on the Christmas knitting binge.

In the meantime, with Christmas over came things like the New Year’s resolutions to do things like reorganize the fiber room. A happy surprise was a little over an ounce of copper colored merino and silk blend I didn’t even know I had. I still had copper and green  beads strung on a copper colored binder from some coopworth I had been spinning, so I divided up my little bag of roving, spun one as a single, plied the other with the beaded binder thread, and plied them together. Here is the result:

Not sure yet what this will become, as there is not too much of it but I’m sure there is a lacy scarf pattern for 160 yards out there somewhere!

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