Today’s Dose of “From This to This to This”

Today we have from this:

To this:

To this:

To this:

Those who know me, know I am not too much of a dye person. My kitchen is small, dyeing is smelly and messy. Plus, most dyes come with the provisos that family members and small animals will drop in their tracks if they ever make the mistake of using the utensils you dyed with.

Kool-aide and Wilton’s Icing Colors have been the safe alternatives and I have gotten some darned good results, too. However, I longed for adventure. That’s when I stumbled over Greener Shades dyes. I have added their link to the blog home page list of links. Basically, Greener Shades are low impact acid dyes without all the dire warnings of impending doom should a family member inadvertently use a utensil formerly used in dyeing. I am an inexpert dyer and was happy with the results.

The other thing to note (and new link on the list) is the Sheep Shed Studio in Montana. Fifteen pounds of white roving for around $100 with shipping. These are all the Brown Sheep Yarn mill ends. The one pictured above is the 75% wool and 25% mohair and you can see the vein of mohair running through it. All great roving and I doubt I will ever buy a plain white fleece again because, by the time I get through washing and processing, I have spent double what it would cost to just get it from Sheep Shed.

By the way, it took 4 days to make this post, thanks to WordPress suddenly going wonky on uploading photos. I finally had to go into Firefox to make it happen, but it has taken from around 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM to post 4 photos? There must be a better way!

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