Today’s Rovings

First off, many thanks to my fiber friend, Casey, for facilitating the return of my Blackberry. I am involved in our town government and arrived at our Borough Hall for an early evening meeting. The door to the meeting area was locked, so while I got out my key, I put down my Blackberry and then walked away and left it. Fortunately, it was on the bench outside the police station. During the meeting, one of our cops walked in to return it. He apologized for using it, saying he had called the last number dialed, which happened to be Casey on her way to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Show. She obviously set him straight, because he found me straight-away in the meeting. Although he looked at me like, Dope. Oh, well. Thanks, Casey, for putting him straight!

Speaking of MSWF, here are more treasures. Unfortunately, I really don’t know much about these. This was the last vendor in the outside tents, the one at the end of the row near the spinning equipment auction. She had lovely mohair rovings displayed in bushel baskets. She didn’t put her card in the bag and if there was a receipt, darned if I can find it! But here is the roving:

And this one:

This is yummy. It has little sparkly bits that don’t show in the photo. Can’t wait to spin this. Just wish I knew who the vendor was!

One Response to Today’s Rovings

  1. Casey says:

    Happy to be of service! I’m glad you got your phone back.

    I almost bought some of the second roving. It looks delightful! But, alas, I can’t remember what the place was called either. Can’t wait to see the pictures of how it looks all spun up!

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