Before we get into the fiber, a quick update on the Rivendell socks, which are now 50% complete!

I have already cast on the second sock. I made a couple of minor errors which will need to be repeated and did not want to take a chance of forgeting, so no “second sock syndrome” here!

I have been spinning this:

Into this:

This is cormo roving from Partridge Run Farm in Galway, New York. They had a nice outside booth at Maryland and I bought quite a bit of their roving.

As mentioned in the blog on the Maryland show, I had with me a string bag knitted from Rowan Cotton Rope in the Squash color. Amazing things when you start stuffing this bag — it just grows and grows and holds a tremendous amount of roving!

We’ll look at the Partridge Run rovings today.

This was described as their “Christmas colors,” but I still think it is spring-y:

This is more the autumn woods:

And this I absolutely love, it reminded me of irises:

This was the first time I spun with cormo, and I like it alot. I has a lot of bounce and is extremely soft. It is not quite as feathery as merino, which is okay as I’m not a huge merino fan. I like something a little “bite” to it, and the cormo seems to fill the bill.

Here, together, are the three colors I have not yet spun with:

All rovings on this page came from: 

Partridge Run Farm, 5390 Jockey St., Galway, NY 12074

Betsy Neal is sheperdess: betsyneal (at), or call 518-882-5004

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