Entrelac Scarf Revisited

Okay, boy, am I going to be ahead of the curve on Christmas knitting this year! No more last minute rush, no, sir. The entrelac scarf I gave as a Christmas gift this year was such a hit, I’m already making another one for someone for Christmas 2010. Why wait?

Again, I’m using Crystal Palace Taos, this time in a color way called “Desert Blooms.” And having found the size 7 needles a little too small, this time I am using size 8s and they seem the correct size. Although the label on Taos calls for size 9s, I found the resulting fabric to be too loose. Size 8 is nice.

Also, this time I strung some clear glass beads along the cast-on edge. When I finish off, I will use more beads and this sets up the foundation row.

First triangle:


Second triangle:


Third triangle:


First turning row:


Now back across, block:


By block:


This is the turning row I usually get bollixed up on, forgetting to make this a sort of free-standing triangle:


And the stitches picked up to start the next row of blocks:


And so on:

Block by block:

Row by row:

Now about 15 inches long, and just coming to the end of the first skein:

I’ve decided I like the colorway, too. It is for someone who is never too old to be a “girly-girl,” and she will love it.

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