The Current Spinning Project

 This is what is currently on the Jensen Tina. I am trying to finish it up so that I can do more of the blue roving that I will need to finish my socks. I completed this bobbin last night and started a second one.


This is what the roving looks like:


For the first bobbin, I spun directly from the ball of roving so each stretch of color is very long. To get a more marled effect, I broke up the roving into sections about 18 inches long and then split these down into four strips each. This puts the color changes closer together. Plied, it should give me more variation in color.

By the way, this was dyed with Wilton’s Icing Colors cake dye from the local craft store. I’m not a big dyemaster, having a very small kitchen, and chemical dyeing being potentially messy and smelly. This was a nice compromise and I’m generally happy with the results.

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