The Entrelac Scarf

Considering that I work in IT, you’d think I’d have a better grasp of technology. Or maybe it’s that I have the grasp, I just don’t have the time for the hands-on experience. In any event,  bear with me while I get this all sorted out and up and running (or limping).

I’m starting this blog for various reasons. I’ve threatened to do so for a long time. I can’t restrict myself to those little word-bites on Facebook. Where else can I show off photos of my handspinning and knitting and talk to others interested in handspinning and knitting? Whatever the reasons, they add up to the same thing — I need a spot to just dish about fiber.

And,  just to get the hang of posting photos, here is the entrelac scarf that became a Christimas gift:

I will miss this scarf! It is knitted in Crystal Palace Taos and you are supposed to use a size 9 needle. The yarn seems a bit slim for that and I was not happy with the earliest results. The results were too loose for me; I frogged it and used a size 7. The results were perfect, but it took forever to knit with 8 stitches per entrelac block. I am very happy with the results, but probably would not do another one at this weight unless it was for a friend!

Note the snow — this was Christmas Eve morning. By the day after Christmas, it was all gone!

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